Roasted Vegetables

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Roasted vegetables are one of the family favorites that we make with Roue’s Rubs Hippie Shake.

The primary ingredient in Roue’s Rubs ‘Hippie Shake’ is nutritional yeast.  This can be used to boost the flavor in lots of dishes. Nutritional yeast is naturally gluten free and is loaded with nutrients like protein, fiber, B-12 and folic acid. Additionally it packs 9 grams of protein with only 20 calories. It is a very popular addition to vegan diets as it is a great substitute for cheese (yes cheese).

We use it for a lot of different things at our house!

I like to sprinkle it on popcorn instead of salt or all over vegetables that I am roasting.  You can also use Hippie Shake to make Kale chips or other veggie chips, add it to your pasta for a cheesy flavor, in sauces, and even gravy.


roasted vegetables


Slice or cube the vegetables you want to roast:
Yellow squash
Zucini squash
Red Onion
Red Potatoes


I clean, slice, and lay them in a single layer on a large cookie sheet and drizzle with olive oil.  Then I generously sprinkle Hippie Shake over all the veggies.  I roast in the oven at 350 for 20-35 minutes (to desired consistency). I don’t like mine overly mushy.

That’s it, so easy to prepare and it is delicious and nutritious.  Even my picky eaters will dig in when I pop it on the plates.


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