Mouth Watering Steak

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If you want a good tender, juicy, mouth watering steak, you have to try this steak house trick that I learned. Seriously, you will write songs about me. I used to be a die-hard ‘steak marinade’ kinda girl. I like a nice tender, juicy steak,  I mean who wants to chew and chew every bite of a tough as nails steak?

I learned a steak house trick a couple of years ago that I use each and every time I grill a steak (indoor or outdoor grilling). It is a very simple and spot on technique.

Here’s the trick:

Step 1 – Remove steak from package and rinse.

Step 2 – Completely cover both sides of steak with a coarse salt. It doesn’t matter what kind, but I typically use a coarse kosher salt or a course sea salt. Let steak sit for 30 minutes.

Step 3 – Rinse salt from steak, be thorough and rinse well.

Step 4 – Season your steak and cook.

Mouth Watering Steak

I am trying to talk my mother out of the packaged marinades that are loaded with all the yuck. She agreed to try Steak Ninja, and she loves it, but she said when it comes to sirloin she has to marinade it or it will be tough. So I invited her over for dinner. The picture above are a couple of Petite Sirloin’s that I grilled the other night. She couldn’t believe that I didn’t soak the steak in a marinade.  It was so tender.  After rinsing the salt thoroughly, I like to season with my Steak Ninja, it is so awesome.

Boom.  See I told you it was easy.  You have to try this method the next time you prepare a steak dinner. You will love it. (Even if you don’t order Steak Ninja seasoning), I promise you will be surprised at the results.

If you do get the Steak Ninja seasoning, you are in for a tasty treat.  I mean everyone likes a tender steak, but lets face it, it needs to taste awesome as well! Ninja on my beef eaters!

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